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2-Ingredient Cream Cheese Pancakes

2 Ingredient Pancakes have been showing up around the web. Low carbohydrate, tasty as can be, and easy to make, we have been making these 2 Ingredient Cream Cheese Pancakes for ages.

Delicate and thin, these pancakes are nearer to a crepe than a pancake. These pancakes are liked by me best when dusted with powdered sugar, but by all means, try my buttermilk syrup.

They're also delicious when compared with honey or maple syrup, or you may go mad and put jelly and peanut butter on top. Whatever floats your boat and your diet works here.

(Lemon Curd would be amazing too, just saying.)

Cream Cheese Pancakes are a low-carb breakfast option that does not disappoint! Just two inǵredients are all you need.Recipe ǵently adapted from and with thanks to I Breathe, I'm Hunǵry
  • 4 ounces cream cheese
  • 4 eǵǵs
  •  Optional: vanilla or cinnamon I rarely add anythinǵ but eǵǵs and cream cheese, but these are fun to try
  1. Place the eggs and cream cheese to the blender.
  2. Add them if you desire any tastes. Blend until smooth. (This takes only a couple of moments.) Allow a moment rests while the griddle heats. Butter the hot skillet or griddle and begin by massaging an 1/8 cup (or 2 tablespoons) of this mixture onto the surface. Do not forget it is going to spread a lot out; those are pancakes.
  3. Cook them for only a few minutes on the first side, just until golden, then carefully flip and cook another minute or so on another. Proceed to make them as large or little as you like As soon as you've got a feel for how these cook. Then and plate them scatter, dust or drizzle . Enjoy!

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